Today's Tips!

Here is the latest news of the Xbox One Kinect-compatible Game "D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die"

When you swipe to change pages on the menu screen, it's easier if you use your right hand to move right, and your left hand to move left.


You can increase Young's stamina to a max of 200 by changing his clothes and facial hair.


If the Kinect sensor is picking up things you don't want it to pick up, then try blindfolding it.


With items, or other objects that become unusable after interacting with them once, try observing before you Grab them.


If you use Kinect to play D4, then you won't have to worry about greasing up the controller with popcorn.


Roland Walken's conversations aren't 'long.' They're 'slow.' Some scholars out there say that if a person's speech is too slow, it won't reach other people's brains. ...They might be right.


There are different Extra Cases in each episode. The same characters will even give out different Extra Cases depending on the episode, so be sure to talk to them each time a new episode starts.


On your second run through the game, cutscenes become skippable. Play it again and see if you can collect all the rewards!


The artist that created Young's model is a person who drew the main character for a certain fighting game series. Not only that, but rumor has it that he only ever works on main characters.


If you investigate the fridge before Kaysen arrives, it's all messy, but if you investigate it after he arrives, everything's neat and tidy.


SWERY wrote every single observation text that appears in the game. If you read them carefully, you'll gain insight on many of the characters.


The arrow that appears when you interact with an object can actually be controlled using the analog stick. Try going halfway and then undoing it.


SWERY apparently wrote every single one of the fortune cookie fortunes.


When the Kinect Grab isn't working, try aiming your palm at the Kinect sensor.


Calorie information is also noted on the food list. D4 uses Kinect, yet playing it only makes you fatter, so you can use that list to keep an eye on your calorie intake.


Make your hand into a lasso and swipe to do a 180-degree turn.


After Episode 2, you'll be able to boost your Vision, stamina, and life in your apartment.


When selecting something, if you open your hand from a Grab too quickly, sometimes, it won't work. This is something we implemented on purpose to prevent selections being made against the player's will.


Some objects can be pushed over and over again. If you push them a lot within 10 seconds, you can earn a lot of credits.


You use up much more stamina during a Dive than you do at home, due to the effects of Young's special ability. He really is risking his life to search for D.


Each 'Grab' and 'Push' that appears on screen pertains to that specific object. If two appear, that means you can do both.


If you've been watching videos of people playing D4, and shouting at them to "go faster!" when they're screwing around during the investigation... Please check out the game for yourself. You'll probably end up the same way. That's the kind of magic D4 contains.


Bending your body to look around also works when bending forward. If you get stuck, try doing that.


You can restore your Vision over and over in the kitchen, at the sink, and in the bathroom. You can actually use Vision as much as you want.


All of the Little Peggy letters were written before her death. However, Young hasn't read them yet. Every time he finds a letter now, his feelings toward her deepen even further.


Young may think that Derek Buchanan's bald, but he actually isn't. He shaves his head. But since he hasn't grown out his hair in years... Maybe he really has gone bald?


There are Gold Credits hidden in all different places. Each one contains a lot of credits, so look for them during your investigation.


The 'Vision' system is convenient, but unfortunately you can't observe anything while in that mode. If you want to unlock all the achievements, you'll need to investigate on your own.


If the hand cursor disappears from the screen, just raise the opposite hand. When this happens, your hands may get switched up.


Teddy's lunches get reset with every 'End Dive' or Continue. When you want to eat again, just select 'End Dive.' There is one lunch in the Prologue, two in Episode 1, and three in Episode 2.


Sometimes, after interacting with an object, it will be left there as-is. For example, a drawer will be left open. This is not only symbolic, but an expression of Young's irresponsible personality.


If you see a clover during a vision, it means that some trace of Little Peggy is there.


Each 'Grab' and 'Push' that appears on screen pertains to that specific object. If two appear, that means you can do both.


If you finish all of Walken's Extra Cases, a strange doll will appear in the bedroom. This doll will allow you to play Clover touch whenever you want.


If the achievement notifications are getting in the way of the subtitles during the game, go to Home > Settings to turn off the notifications. However, this will also turn off friend and Skype notifications, so please be careful.


The items in the 'branch' versions of Amanda's shop are expensive. If you end the dive and go back home, you can buy them at cheaper prices.


There is a bug in the game that happens right after Episode 2 begins and you're in the apartment at night, and you go into the bedroom and the game autosaves. If you exit the game after doing this then try to continue, you won't be able to proceed.
We're figuring out a fix for this, but for right now, please do not exit the game when you're in the bedroom in that situation. Instead, use the home phone to save and then exit out of the game.


Changing clothes will change your appearance, but it can also give you status bonuses!


Actions made during a dive use up a lot of stamina, so be sure to eat something before you lose it all!


Hearing people having issues with our Achievements not unlocking?
Although there could be some delay, sometimes more than 24 hours, Achievements will unlock if you have met the unlock condition.
Please confirm the support site below.


For the best experience with Kinect, please make sure the Kinect sensor is facing you straight. We recommend to try holding your palms up to the sensor if you feel like grabs are not being detected. Please refer to the xbox.com support site for the optimum Kinect sensor placement.