• Forrest Kaysen
  • David Young
  • peggy Young
  • Amanda
  • Amanda

David Young

A Detective who Dives into the Past

The main character. He was once a highly-esteemed BPD investigator, until he lost his wife in an incident two years ago and resigned.
Young was heavily injured in the incident, and doesn't really remember what happened. Soon after, he realized his accident gave him the ability to dive into the past by using the memories in left-behind items called 'mementos.' Currently, he works as a private detective out of his one-room apartment in Thompsonville.
His wife's dying words were "Look for D..."
With that phrase etched into his mind, he continues to search for any cases connected to 'D.'

Peggy Young

His Most Beloved, and the Beginning of Everything

David's wife. He's called her 'Little Peggy' since even before they were married.

Two years ago, someone murdered her in the bathroom.

Some believe that the entire incident was revenge from a drug organization that Young was after, but the truth remained forever shrouded in darkness.

Peggy was pregnant when she was murdered, so she was never able to become a mother. Due to the complicated nature of the incident, the investigation soon spread to Young himself, which resulted in him resigning from the BPD.

She was cheerful, outgoing, and could easily become friends with anyone. She was also family-oriented, and loved to cook... Except she wasn't very good, and often ended up causing accidents in the kitchen. She loved cats, and hated being alone.

She also had an aggressive side, and enjoyed playing innocent tricks on people.


Mysterious Girl

A mysterious girl who lives in David's apartment. She started living there after the death of Peggy, but it feels like she's been there for much longer. She's capricious, and usually just spends the day lazing around, but at night she becomes energetic, and gives Young massages, sits with him, and otherwise heals him.
Sometimes, she goes outside to gather food and exterminate rats and small birds.

Forrest Kaysen

Head of the BPD Narcotics Taskforce, Partner & Client

The main character's partner and best friend. He currently works for the Boston PD Narcotics Unit, and is the leader of a special drug investigation unit. He often goes to visit Young's apartment, and helps to take care of the detective while he continues to search for 'D.' Kaysen is a precious source of support for Young, who seems to have lost himself ever since he lost his wife. Kaysen used to be a powerful cop who people called the 'Grizzly,' but there's no trace of that anymore. Due to his appearance, he was re-nicknamed 'Teddy Bear.'

Like any veteran, Kaysen utilizes his extensive experience and takes a logical, common-sense approach to case-solving, in contrast with Young, who usually just goes on his gut feeling. However, Kaysen lacks delicacy, and often has difficulties dealing with women. He especially has trouble with Diana, his long-time girlfriend, and Young's had to listen to much more of their drama that he'd like to.