D4 is mystery adventure that can be played with the Kinect motion controls.

D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die is mystery adventure game that can be played entirely from start to finish with nothing but the Kinect motion controls. D4 sucks the player straight into its world and connects them directly with the action and drama.
D4's story is interwoven with charming characters who are brought to life through uniquely-designed original graphics, and the game is fully playable using the Kinect gesture controls. D4 recreates players' movements and emotions on-screen, as if the players themselves are characters in the game. This reproduction of sensory experiences synchronizes the player with the main character, allowing for a higher level of immersion than ever before.It can be played by using Kinect gesture controls, or with a standard controller.

D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die screenshot

Director SWERY

SWERY (Suehiro Hidetaka) is a game developer who hails from Osaka, Japan, and one of the founders of Access Games. At AG, he works as a scenario writer, game designer, and game director.

After studying film and film advertising at Osaka University of Arts, he entered the game industry and worked at several different game companies before starting Access Games in January 2002. From the first game that he directed, Spy Fiction, he has striven to design games with a worldwide approach, which he carried on with Deadly Premonition, a game released in 2010 which worldwide media sources called a 'modern cult classic.' DP was also featured in the Guinness World Records as the 'Most Critically Polarizing Survival Horror Game.' In 2011, SWERY was chosen in a US poll as one of the 50 most influential creators.

After working on many other titles in Japan, SWERY began work on D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die, an Xbox One-exclusive game. D4 received media attention for being a new kind of game that utilizes the Kinect technology to create a brand-new experience. At GDC Next 2013, it was chosen as one of the GDC Next 10 games.