Patch Notes

"D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die" Patch Notes V 1.1

Ÿ Young’s stamina does not deplete as fast as it used to when investigating the past (during a Dive).


Ÿ Changed some food items in the airplane to help regain more stamina without the need to go to the shop and buy food.


Ÿ Made adjustments to parameter boosts on clothes so players don’t feel penalized by changing into clothes they were given or purchased.


Ÿ Added “change clothes now” feature at the shop so players can change clothes without the need to go to the closet.


Ÿ Added help text pop-up that explains how to change clothes when you first receive new clothes.


Ÿ Adjusted controller settings for a better user experience in action scenes when playing with the controller.

         Ø Players do not need to release the A button to perform ‘Hold/Grab’ gestures in QTE’s and doing A+LR triggers will perform the gesture.

         Ø Trigger input in QTEs will be recognized even if you don’t release the trigger.

         Ø Adjusted diagonal input for the thumbsticks.

         Ø Adjusted controller input for “follow the circle” interaction.

         Ø Adjusted controller input for rapidly moving the thunbsticks (i.e wake-up Young gesture).


Ÿ Major improvements to Kinect including:

         Ø Significantly improved seated lock-on for skeletal tracking. Lock-on is faster and more reliable.

         Ø Improved hand state accuracy. Hand states (open/close/lasso) with front facing hands are more reliable.

         Ø Improved seated reliability. More reliable when leaning back, close to other people etc.

         Ø You can now say “Go to D4” at the Home menu to start the game.

         Ø Edited the Kinect Safety Guide to help inform players about good Kinect placement and to face their palm to the sensor for better open/close hand state recognition.


Ÿ Bug Fixes

         Ø Fixed a potential progression blocker where you could not collect evidence (puzzle pieces) from Duncan if you triggered and didn’t finish the “collect red bottle” side quest.

         Ø Fixed a potential progression blocker where the game enters a black screen and doesn’t come back when you are told to look at Kaysen’s Notebook PC in Episode 2.

         Ø Fixed minor text typos and spacing issues in the UI.