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  • Antonio'Rabbit'Zapatero
  • Derek Buchanan

Olivia Jones

Flight Attendant

A flight attendant on Flight AG117.
Her face resembles Young's late wife, even right down to the mole on her face, which throws the detective for a spin.
She's beautiful, dedicated to her work, and highly skilled. At first glance, she may seem like a textbook example of a beautiful genius, but she's also very competitive, and her desire for constant perfection makes her seem a bit stiff. Young's irresponsible behavior and the unusual circumstances of the case also make it very difficult for her to steer things the way she wants them to go, which causes her to unintentionally reveal more of her true colors, along with the tenderness she possesses deep inside.

Phillip Cheney

A Flight Attendant who Knows David

A male flight attendant on Flight AG117.

At first glance, he appears to be a clean young gentleman, with his healthy looks, white teeth, neatly-combed hair, and handsome face... But he's actually a superficially polite person who looks down on his passengers. He's a man with two sides to him.

He doesn't seem to be an asthmatic, yet he tends to use an inhaler whenever he gets irritated. For some reason, he always wears a glove on only one hand.

Deborah Anderson

Passenger In Trouble

A passenger on the plane, and a possible 'D.' She's a nurse in Boston who's flying to Washington D.C. to celebrate her five-year employment anniversary. She always keeps a notepad on her where she writes down things that she finds to be peculiar or dangerous. She is deeply devoted to Dr. Johnson, a doctor from her hospital, and often repeats things he's taught her.


Fashion Designer

A passenger on the plane, and a possible 'D.' He's a fashion designer who mainly works on the East Coast. He always travels with his partner (a mannequin), and employs theories that mundane people couldn't possibly understand.