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  • Antonio'Rabbit'Zapatero
  • Derek Buchanan

Antonio Rabbit Zapatero

A Courier Connected to D

A courier for the drug known as 'Real Blood.'

A sleazy womanizer who always keeps an unlit cigarette in his mouth, he earned the name 'Rabbit' from his ability to burrow 'underground' only to pop up later somewhere else.

His curly black hair, tanned skin, and exotic appearance would also lead one to believe that he's fooled many a woman in his time.

Derek Buchanan

US Marshal

Buchanan is the marshal who's been assigned to escort the courier to Boston. He's been working with the DEA on the 'Real Blood' case, and is also a possible 'D.'

He takes pride in possessing the historically-significant title of 'Marshal,' and has a strong sense of justice. He's passionate enough to be called a workaholic, and sometimes his devotion to his work takes him over the line.

His shaved head and the large scar on his face make him look like an old hero who's seen true hell. He's silent, stoic, and doesn't try to make friends with anyone.