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I'm SWERY. Questions?

This is a list of the most commonly asked questions out of the ones we gathered from May 1 to May 6.
Here, we'll list up SWERY's answers to the questions that he picked out during the Tokyo Indie Fest live stream.

★Top 3 Most Asked

Q. How did you come up with the idea for D4?

A. It began from me thinking about how some games with good stories are hard to play.
  So I wanted to make a game that could be easily played, where anyone could make it to the
  end of the story.

★Top 2 Most Asked

Q. Will new episodes be included in the PC version of D4?

A. No. the PC version is basically a port to a new platform, and a way for people who haven't
  been able to play it to experience it.

★Top 1 Most Asked

Q. Are you working on the next season? When will it be out?

A. I can't answer that. But, if you insist, I can show you a little...


★AMA Live Question #1 (@ar7777777)

Q. Have you ever felt like you wanted to make a TV show or movie more than games? If you
  did, what kind of movie/TV show would it become?

A. I made kung fu films when I was a student. The action scenes in D4 are Jackie Chan-ish
  The film I want to make is a film where a high school girl detective masturbates and uses the
  imagination she gets from that to solve cases.

★AMA Live Question #2 (@samusamu015)

Q. What games have you been into lately?

A. Ori and the Blind Forest. It was created by Thomas Mahler, who commented on D4.
  The game is really hard, so now I better understand how live streamers feel.

★AMA Live Question #3 (@Pilviaika)

Q. What's your favourite beer?

A. When I upload pictures of beer on Twitter, people always say "Who cares about that?
  Where's Episode 2?!"
  I always drink Ebisu beer at home. Recently I did a BBQ where we went through
  30 liters of Ebisu.

★Nico Nama Viewer Question #1

Q. Which are you, SWERY? A DQ fan or an FF fan?

A. Both!

★Nico Nama Viewer Question #2

Q. Did you direct the motion capture?

A. Yes. We used Americans for the first time with D4. It was hard to tell them how I really
  wanted them to act.
  Everything tended to turn into overacting, so it was hard to find a way to tone it down.

  I tried so hard to tell them what I wanted them to do, and they'd just say: "This is motion
  capture! All you're doing is making facial expressions!"