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PC Version Additions

Changes from the Xbox One version

Kinect control functionality has been removed. Instead, the entire game can be played using only the mouse.

  ・Hand Cursor movement/selecting
  ・Grab controls
  ・Push controls
  ・Direction changes
  ・Posture changes


Kinect gesture input controls have been removed and replaced with mouse commands.

  ・There are new commands to do daily life activities like drinking tequila and

   opening fortune cookies.
  ・Special actions like activating Dive and Vision have been changed to new commands.
  ・Gesture inputs during cutscenes have been changed to new commands.


Synchronous Kinect inputs have been changed to new mouse commands.
  ・Actions like wiping the windows and fixing the switchboard have been customized for

   mouse controls.
・Other features like changing posture can now be done with the mouse.


All Kinect Commands during Synchro Stunts (QTEs) have been removed. Instead,

the QTEs can be played entirely using mouse controls.
  ・Actions like waving both arms and swiping repeatedly have been changed into

   new swipe methods and commands.
  ・Gesture commands like swinging the bat have been changed into new commands.
  ・Actions like screaming into the microphone have been changed into new commands.


All Xbox One DLC is now in-game content.
  ・Collaboration costumes can now be acquired within the game.
  ・Beard DLC can now be acquired within the game.
  ・The parameters of various outfits have been altered.
  ・“Today’s Free Outfit,” a new section of Amanda’s Shop, has been added.


Along with the above changes, the user interface has also been redone.
  ・Changes have been made to the affected areas in order to fit the mouse controls.


All voice controls have been removed.
  ・Voice input during Synchro Stunts (QTEs)
  ・Voice selection during conversation
  ・Selection during cutscenes
  ・Shortcuts in the closet and shop
  ・Shortcuts in the menu


Synchro Stunt (QTE) grading has been revised.


Item parameters and locations have been revised.


Options unique to the PC version have been added.
  ・Resolution Settings
  ・Window / Full Screen Settings
  ・Vsync ON / OFF
  ・Dynamic Shadows ON / OFF
  ・Subtitle Language Settings(EFIGSPJ supported)


The game now runs at 60fps.
  *Only capable when using the recommended settings.


Load times have been shortened.


Previously discovered bugs have been fixed.


Content unique to the Xbox ONE version has been removed.
  ・MELD compatibility


Unique content has been added to the Steam version.
  ・Steam Achievements
  ・Trading Cards
  ・Profile Backgrounds
  ・Cloud Saving